Israeli art songs & chamber music

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Israeli art songs & chamber music / Trio Atar & Yeela Avital

This is a moving voyage between words and sounds, combining well-known popular Hebrew songs in an artistic and original rendering with contemporary Israeli chamber music originating from the same materials.

The Atar Piano Trio has been active for the last decade and has performed in the all of the major venues across Israel. Singer Yeela Avital is known for her achievements on stage and as a recording artist, as well as soloist with the Arcadia Ensemble and with many orchestras in Israel and abroad.

Together, we create an intimate and warm performance presenting an artistic chamber rendering of songs considered to be classical-Israeli, in a way that combines the format of a classical concert with elements of entertainment. Some of the songs chosen for this performance have been presented by us at ceremonies and events around the country with enthusiastic response.. Other components are new, especially commissioned and written for this performance. The arrangements vary, taking into account the need to remain loyal to what is known and loved and to the wish to add a new flavor inspired by the quality of traditional artistic song. This means that the accompaniment is in dialogue with the text and the melody and retains an importance of its own. The program includes original arrangements of Hebrew songs by Argov, Zeira, Yoni Rechter, Y Braun and others together with Israeli chamber music by M. Wolpe, Braun and Eran El-Bar

This program is a testimony to Israeli culture and creation at its best and is presented with love for the music on which we were raised.

Piano | Violin | Cello | Soprano

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About the music

This program has been recorded and published on an album buy the album. among the songs included some of the most beloved Hebrew classics, arranged by Ofer Shelley:

"Shir Eres" By Sasha Argov, lyrics by Nathan Alterman

"Eich Shir Nolad" By Yoni Rechter, lyrics by Yehonatan Geffen

"Yakinton" By Rivka Gwilly, lyrics by Leah Goldberg

"Al Haderech Etz Omed" By Izik Manger, Idish folk tune

"Zemer Hamapuchit" By Sasha Argov, lyrics by Nathan Alterman
Atar Trio / A light in your window / Israeli Album

"Yerushalayim Shel Zahav" By Neomi Shemer

"Shir Eres Negbi" By Moshe Vilensky, arranged. by Michael Wolpe

"Shir Mishmar" By Sasha Argov, lyrics by Nathan Alterman

"Kolot" By Eran El-Bar, lyrics by Miryam Baruch-Chalfi

"Kshe'or Dolek Behalonech" By Sasha Argov, arranged by Michael Wolpe

"Razshinkes Mit Mandlen" By Avraham Goldfaden

"Balada Al Hamoriko" By Sasha Argov lyrics by Nathan Alterman

"Yesh Ey Sham" By Yoni Rechter, lyrics by Anat Gov

"Ve Ulay" By Yehuda Sharet, lyrics by Rachel

"Sheharhoret" By Elimelech

Sephardic Jewish folk songs

Michael Wolpe / Piano trio no. 3

In his third Piano Trio which was commissioned by the Amber Trio (1998) presents Wolpe five movements, each is based on a different classical Israeli folk song This piece is included in every performance of the program representing a vivid, extraordinary instrumental approach to Israeli folk songs arrangements letting the instruments pronouncing the melodies with no lyrics.

Paul Ben-Haim / Variations on a Hebrew melody for piano trio (1939)

Mark Lavri (Israel) / Jewish Dances (1945)

A trio version by Ofer Shelley

Atar Trio / A light in your window / Israeli Album

Singers Yeela Avital & Odelia Dahan

launching "A light in your window" Album in a special concert, Einav center, Tel Aviv, August 2008

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