Murder duet: a musical case / Batya Gur

a performance of spoken text, Recorded Soundtrack, piano violin and cello based on Batya Gur's Detective Story

This piece is an homage to Batya Our the first lady of Israeli detective fiction. Eran Tzur and the “Atar Trio” present a musical literary adaptation of her masterpiece, where detective Micheal Ohayon investigates a murder in an orchestra. The story was adapted for the stage by Nir Ratzkovsky and Emmanuel Pinto, and will debut in the Festival “Detective in the City” in Tel Aviv, On March 22nd, 2018.

“Murder duet: a musical case” is one of the most fascinating, deep and ambitious of Gur’s detective novels. It tells the story of a family of musicians that finds itself in the grip of horrendous murders. Gur’s hero, Micheal Ohayon, the police detective from Jerusalem, is summoned to solve them. Beyond the mystery, the novel investigates the unique world of musicians, and offers a deep and beautiful contemplation.

The soundtrack, directed and arranged by ensemble pianist Ofer Shelley, is a multi-layered collage of chamber music inspired by Gur’s novel; some of it is mentioned in the book. The live music is intertwined with the story, engaging in a dialogue with the characters. The performance is accompanied by Vered Yiftachi-Green's recorded voice, creating another dimension to the spoken text of the Narrator.

Piano | Violin | Cello | Narrator | Recorded Soundtrack


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בכורה חגיגית למרחק הנכון בתיה גור בפסטיבל בלש בעיר / תל אביב 22 במרץ 2018


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