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Our music projects and concerts are unique. Unlike typical programs, they result from extensive research resulting in thematic offerings that are meant for repeated performances and listening. They also feature new musical arrangements and commissioned music by leading composers. Our concerts combine the rich innovations of contemporary techniques with the meaningful depth of traditional approaches mixing different musical styles and genres. Please contact us for availability and other inquiries.

Thematic programs / Musical projects / Atar Trio
Le Boeuf sur le Toit / Atar Trio

Le Boeuf sur le Toit

Piano violin Cello & Percussion

New! Musical soundtrack of both near and distant cultures combine in a world-music concert for piano trio and percussion

world Tour 23-24 / Atar Trio

world Tour 23-24

Piano violin Cello & Vocal

The Atar Trio, a leading chamber ensemble based in Jerusalem, Israel, performs a wide variety of music, and has created a unique voice through its original and adventurous musical projects. Following their recent successful tours across Israel and Europe, they offer exciting programs for the 23-24 season.

H.N. Bialik / Atar Trio

With Bialik at the pool

Piano violin Cello & Vocal

150 anniversary to the birth of Haim Nachman Bialik is a triger for a new musical project that presents newly made musical interpretations for his poems and legacy.

Lea Goldberg / Atar Trio

Lea Goldberg

Piano violin Cello & Vocal

Hosting the multidisciplinary singer Ofer Callaf, this program explores Goldberg's piercing texts bringing a fresh musical interpretation to the well-known classics as well as new compositions by young Israeli composers.

Legends of Jewish Music / Atar Trio

Legends of Jewish Music

Piano violin Cello & Smartphones

New interpretations of Jewish, Israeli, and world music along with exciting arrangements of traditional chamber music. From the sounds of Jerusalem in Dikla Baniel's piece (Israel), to Yitzhak Yedid's Suite for Arabic violin

A simple Story / Agnon

Girl Butterfly Girl

Piano violin Cello & Vocals

a musical journey of exotic sounds from east to west for piano, violin, cello and vocals. This performance combines poetry, ethnic music and folklore in an energetic performance.

A simple Story / Agnon

A simple Story

Piano violin Cello & Narrator

The story, a Hebrew classic, is presented by the celebrated poet and performer Eran Zur and the Atar Piano Trio, in an original and unusual performance combining live music, storytelling and theater.

Batya Gur / The right distance

Murder Duet: A Musical case

Piano violin Cello & Narrator

a performance of spoken text, Recorded Soundtrack, piano violin and cello based on Batya Gur's Detective Story.

A Light In Your Window / Atar Trio

A Light In Your Window

Piano violin Cello & Singer

This is a moving voyage between words and sounds, combining well-known popular Hebrew songs in an artistic and original rendering with contemporary Israeli chamber music originating from the same materials.

Cuban Music for Piano violin cello & percussion / Atar Trio


Piano violin cello & percussion

A special homage for the rich musical tradition of Cuba presenting Afro-Jazz rhythms, new interpretations of folk music with a spotlight on a few Cuban music legends along with contemporary music

Dream within a Dream

Piano violin Cello & electronics

This international chamber music project features newly commissioned music by Israeli prodigy Talia Amar and acclaimed American composer Judith Shatin, as well as music of 20th-century masters

Atar Trio / Yeela Avital / Childhood scenes
Atar Trio / Yeela Avital / Childhood scenes
Atar Trio / Yeela Avital / Childhood scenes

Childhood Scenes

Piano violin Cello & Singer

Childhood Scenes is an Israeli anthology of children's songs - old and new - arranged for piano trio and soprano.

From the British Isles / Chamber Music / Atar Trio


Tour: Israel / France / Netherlands

a Special colaboration with L’Ensemble Des Équilibres, France in an international music project

From the British Isles / Chamber Music / Atar Trio

From the British Isles

Piano violin Cello & Singer

The Musical folklore of the British Empire has an honorary place in the world’s culture. Haydn and Beethoven have arranged Scottish and Irish folk songs. The program is dedicated to the heartwarming repertoire of folk songs, dances and other works that have been inspired by the British Isles.

Silence the Muses!

Piano violin Cello & Narrator

The Atar Trio & Eran Zur presents a performance of spoken text, computer sampler, piano violin and cello. The piece by Arik Shapira was commissioned in 2014 and based on Yoel Hofman's book: "Moods" (Keter Edition, 2010)

chamber jazz

Piano violin & Cello

Many composers, mainly in the 20th century, work simultaneously in different and sometimes distant genres, writing music for the concert hall along with light music for cabarets, musical theater and even movies.

Chamber music by Argentinian masters / Atar Trio

Argentina in the 20th century

Piano violin & Cello

This program presents few of the Argentinians leading composers of the 20th century that have made a great impact worldwide

From Bach to Arvo Part / Chamber music by the Atar Piano Trio

From Bach to Arvo Part

Piano violin & Cello

Arvo Part is the most performed living composer currently in the world. His work evolves in two axes – the chronological one that looks at the modern music to the ancient times, and the religious- secular one

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view from mt nebo

Piano violin Cello & electronics

This American-Israeli musical project is the result of a collaboration between the dynamic Atar Trio and celebrated American composer Judith Shatin. In their "Mt Nebo" program, the Atar Trio features music that draws on several folk elements: the Biblical past, as well as multiple ethnic and vernacular traditions.

Bela Bartok / Atar Piano Trio

To the east European music

Piano violin & Cello

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The jewish cabaret

Piano violin cello & singers

Our Jewish Cabaret project introduces a concert of musical works inspired by Jewish folk music or composed by Jewish composers. In the beginning of the 20th century, Jewish folk music blossomed and was the focus of great interest in the cultural scene in Russia and other European countries.

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amor y odio

Piano violin Cello & Soprano

Homage to the Spanish Music from the 19th century to mid 20th century. Art songs, dances and virtuosic Music by Albeniz, Granados, De Falla , Sarasate, Ravel ,Chick Corea and others

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