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An important goal for us is an ongoing dialogue with a younger audience. We introduce an inspiring repertoire to them, and having discussions not only about the music we perform, but also about the role of this music in their lives. Members of the Atar Trio are active in musical education throughout the year, and have offered many sessions for students in Israel, Europe and the US.. It is always a pleasure to respond to the natural curiosity and passion of young audiences.

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Music education session with the Atar Trio

Music convention for Music students in Jerusalem

January 2020 ~

It was one of assemblies that bring a spiritual uplifting and optimism. We were honored to produce and take part in the Jerusalem music students conference under The Jerusalem municipality “Stage Project”. This welcomed enterprise brings together 100 students from various music schools from all over Jerusalem for a day of seminars, workshops and joint playing. For our guests from East Jerusalem, we have conducted the activities in Arabic, and all that witnessed, were happy to be part of the high energy.
The percussionist Oren Freid have taught the children about the Cuban rhythms, Guy Yaron improvised with them on the guitar, and Koby Shem Tov the composer has conducted a composing and dancing workshop. Ofer Shelley, the pianist and the producer of this special event, have worked with the students on a Cuban song. The conference concluded with the live concert “Cubana” by Atar Trio. I must say that the energy that the young audience have brought into the hall was intoxicating and sent “electric vibes” to each song and piece we’ve played. Not many times this happens with an audience!
May this conference be one of many to come. Special thanks to Avi Elbaz for the sound. Mrs. Zippi Elbaz from the Jerusalem Municipality, representatives of the Jerusalem Fund and the Music Education in the Ministry of Education have honored us in their presence.

Teddy Kollek High school, Jerusalem
Musicians: Ofer Shelley -Piano and arrangements, Tania Beltser Violin, Oren Freid percussion, Mericelle Lorence Cello, Kobi Shem Tov composition, Guy Yaron Guitar
Sponsorship: Jerusalem Municipality the Arts and Culture department, Jerusalem Education Division, Teddy Kollek High school
Music education session with the Atar Trio

Choir conference with Shlomo Gronich , Mediterranean Towers

December 2019 ~

The annual choir convention of the Mediterranean Towers retirement communities was held in the past Hanukkah in Bat Yam. During the convention each choir preformed two songs with Shlomo Gronich, who took part in rehearsals and worked side by side with the conductors. The Jerusalem Choir, under the conductor Ofer Shelley, preformed “an old love song” arranged by Shelley, and “May it be all” one of Gronich’s renowned songs. Eric Sargon, a violinist who played with the Beatles, have joined the choir, as he does every week since he made Aliyah. The experience of music as a powerful uniting force have been a common thread in rehearsals and during the convention, and we were honored to be part of it.

Mediterranean Towers, Bat Yam
Musicians: Shlomo Gronich, Eric Sargon, the conductors of the Mediterranean Towers choirs, Shva Choir.
Sponsorship: Mediterranean Towers
Music education session with the Atar Trio

A lecture concerts to High School Students, Amsterdam

November 2019 ~

During our annual tour in the Netherlands, and the strengthening ties between the Audience and the Jewish communities, we were happy to conduct a morning musical activity for the students of the Maimonides Jewish High School in Amsterdam. At the heart of this stood our “Girl Butterfly Girl” program, a song cycle based on Tsippi Fleishcer’s music to the lyrics of surrealist poetry of Lebanese and Syrian poets and authors. We’ve discussed Jewish and Israeli music, talked about the behind the scenes of contemporary Israeli scoring and issues about performance and music delivery. We concluded the morning with a concert of our current repertoire and Israeli songs. It was a wonderful morning to talk and meet the Students of the Cultural program in the school.

The Maimonides Jewish High School in Amsterdam.
Musicians: Ofer Shelley piano and narration, Tania Beltser Violin, Yanna Donichev cello.
Music education session with the Atar Trio

Master Class with Composer Philippe Hersant (France) to the Music Students of Jerusalem

October 2018 ~

Part of our joint Israeli – French project we accommodated the Ensemble Des Equilibres for a series of concerts and master classes with contemporary and renowned composers: Benjamin Yusupov from Israel, and Philippe Hersant from France. We have conducted a special Master class with Philippe Hersant about his “Fantasies pour trio a cordes”, where the students met live contemporary music, and were intrigued by it. It was a unique opportunity to talk to the composer and ask him about his work and music. It was an interesting experience to all involved. Thank you Mr. Hersant.

Teddy Kollek High School, Jerusalem
Musicians: Philippe Hersant France, Ensemble Des Equilibres France, Atar Trio Israel
Sponsorship: Israel-France foundation
Music education session with the Atar Trio

Chamber Music Master Classes for the class The Magnificat Music School, East Jerusalem

October 2018 ~

The young strings instruments students from East Jerusalem were our guests for this special day of Master classes in the Magnificat. A joint ensemble of 6 French and Israeli musicians have conducted a joint chamber music performance and delivery, as well as technical classes. At the end of the day the students and their families were invited to a special concerts of the Ensemble Des Equilibres and Atar Trio. Thank you to all the participants and to the Magnificat Music School.

The Magnificat Music School, East Jerusalem
Musicians: Philippe Hersant France, Ensemble Des Equilibres France, Atar Trio Israel
Sponsorship: The French-Israel foundation, Custodia Terra Santa Jerusalem
Music education session with the Atar Trio

A joint Musical choir project – Young and Old sing together

April 2017 ~

At the Eve of Yom HaZikaron, The Israeli Memorial Day, we have conducted a joint musical project. In an Extraordinary venture young students joined the local choir of the retirement community in Jerusalem. Special scores and arrangements have been written to this project. One of the granddaughters of the residents accompanied us in guitar. We concluded the evening with a concert conducted by Ofer Shelley for Memorial Day. Thanks to Moran Cohen on producing the evening, and to the musicians Tania Beltser, Yivgeny Firlin and Alex Dimitry.

Musicians: Ofer Shelley conductor, Tania Beltser violin, Yivgeny Firlin Clarinet, Alex Dimitry Piano, Eliya Sima Clarinet, the Music Students.

Composition and electronics residency, Columbia College, Chicago

March 2016 ~

“Dream within a Dream” is an international project that took place in the USA and Israel, where we debuted two new pieces that were commissioned to Atar Trio: “Dream within a Dream” by the Israeli prodigy Talia Amar and the “Gregor’s Dream” by the acclaimed composer Judith Shatin .
We’ve met with the students of Columbia College in Chicago and presented a series of lectures about contemporary music and electronic soundtrack. We have also recorded a few pieces that were written for us by the students. The Cellist Tom Klein presented Eric Shapira’s music for a cello and electronic music, an intriguing conversation developed around and during these days. Thank you Ilya Levinson for producing this event, and keeping our relationship strong, and thanks for the Rockefeller fund for contributing for this as well.

Columbia College, Chicago
Musicians: Ofer Shelly piano, Tania Beltser violin, Tom Klein Cello, Talia Amar and Judith Shatin composing
Sponsorships: Israeli Embassy in the US, Rockefeller Fund, Columbia College Chicago
Music education session with the Atar Trio

Master classes and concert at the Wirt-Emerson Performing Arts High Ability Academy

March 2015 ~

In the international project “From Mt Nebo” we combined contemporary music by Israeli and American composers in a 16 concerts series in the US and Israel. As guests of the Jewish community in Indiana, Atar Trio was invited to spend a day of master classes and a concert to hundreds of the students in Gary, hometown to Michael Jackson. The schools we visited has an amazing program that connects children from rough background to music. Together with the students we explored the world of improvising, and played them Israeli songs, and a special Michael Jackson song. It was a touching session. Thanks to the Jewish federation of Indiana and to the Chairman Mr. Michael Steinberg for producing this day.

Wirt-Emerson Performing Arts High Ability Academy, Gary, Indiana
Musicians: Ofer Shelly piano, Tania Beltser violin, Adi Schmit Cello,
Sponsorships: The Jewish Federation of Indiana, Gary High School
Music education session with the Atar Trio
Music education session with the Atar Trio

Community Concert

June 2015 ~

Every once in a while we gather for a special students concert , where the young students play for their close community: their parents, brothers and sisters, family members and friends. The Atar Trio members teach in various establishments, and we are happy to bring our students together. In this concert we have invited our piano and violin students for a special concert – some played solo and some played together. We concluded the evening with a special concerts by us – this time the Argentinian composer Alberto Ginastera. Thanks to the HaSadna Conservatorium for hosting us.

HaSadna Conservatory, Jerusalem
Musicians: Tania Beltser violin, Idit Shemer flute, Ofer Shelly piano
Sponsorships: HaSadna Conservatory
Music education session with the Atar Trio

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