With Bialik at the pool

Bialik songs & chamber music / Trio Atar & Tali Ketsef
Singer Tali Ketsef - Bialik songs concert

150 anniversary to the birth of Haim Nachman Bialik is a triger for a new musical project that presents newly made musical interpretations for his poems and legacy. Following their thematic programs, based on meeting points of Poetry, literature and chamber music, Atar Trio hosts the leading soprano Tali Ketsef for this new program: "With Bialik at the pool".

This concert features well known classics such as The swimming pool, Drops a sprig, Let me under your wing, Horseman, newly composed by leading Israeli composers such as Ahron harlap, Yosef Bardenashvili, Tsippi Fleisher, Alex Wasserman and others along with Ofer Shelley's arrangements to some of Bialik's classic songs. Next to these songs, the program presents a new commission by the Jewish American Judith Shatin: A trio in one movement made for this project: "To the bird, from a distant land" – a reflections of Bialik's classics "To the Bird". This program launched in a special event on January 2023 initiated by the Israeli Hebrew authors organization and included in the Music Literature Festival in Tel Aviv, an June 2023.

Piano | Violin | Cello | Soprano

About the music

composer Judith Shatin

The Pool / two songs by Alex Wasserman

Sea of silence by Eran El-Bar

Horseman by Ofer Shelley

Two songs from "The Dibbuk" play by Josef Bardanashvili

After my death by Tsippi Fleischer / arr. Ofer Shelley

Drops a sprig by Ahron Harlap

Let me under your wing / arr. Ofer Shelley

Mark Lavry (Israel) / Jewish Dances (1945) / Trio version by Ofer Shelley

Judith Shatin / To the Bird from a Distant Land / for piano violin and cello
*composed in response to the iconic poem To the Bird. *Dedicated to the Atar Trio world Premiere: Tel Aviv, Literature Festival, June 2023


Tel Aviv / 2.6.23 / Literature Festival / Studio Annete

Tel Aviv / 27.6.23 / Tel Aviv university

Haifa / 17.10.23 / Kiryat Bialik / Bialik Festival

Kazrin / 20.12.23 / Golan Hights

Tel Aviv / 4.1.24 / Studio Annete
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