SOUL MATTERS / Boaz Ben Moshe

an Israeli Music video performance
Dedicated to the memory of Jhonathan Debel 1969-2023
supported by Mifal Hapis

The piece SOUL MATTERS, penned by the esteemed Israeli composer Boaz Ben-Moshe, was commissioned as part of a multidisciplinary project and is presented to the public via social media as a special cinematic clip, which adds a visual dimension to the composition. The piece touches upon a non-musical social issue, taking inspiration from texts written by artists who define themselves as dealing with mental health disorders, or are labelled as such by society. Words like “crazy” or “insane” are a part of everyday human language and they represent the social rejection and ostracism experienced by the mentally ill. Each movement in this work expresses a sensation: fear, paranoia, restlessness and longing for peace, the need for human contact and above all- the longing for social acceptance. The musical project won the Atar Trio and the composer a special grant from the Mifal Hapais Council for the Culture and Arts, which will assist in exposing the piece to a broad international and Israeli audience. Explore the music video down at this page.

composer Boaz Ben Moshe

Piano \ Violin \ Cello \ Poetic Texts \ Soundtrack \ Looper

about the composer

Boaz Ben-Moshe, born in Tel Aviv, 1962, Winner of the "Engel" Prize (2021), the "Yizchak Navon Life achievement Award" (2020) and the Prime-minister prize for composers . Boaz has composed over 60 compositions - concert music, Concerti, music for Voice and Orchestra, Chamber music for various instrumentations, Solo pieces and Cross-disciplinary pieces. His music was commissioned and performed by (a partial list): the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, the New Symphony Orchestra-Haifa, the Israel Camerata, the Tel Aviv Soloists, the Wine Festival Orchestra – Bordeaux, France, the Israel Chamber Orchestra, the Israeli Sinfonietta-Be'er-Sheva, the Israel Mandolin Orchestra, the Reutlingen Symphony Orchestra (Germany), the "Meitar" Ensemble, the Israel Contemporary Players, Soprano – Ruth Chizak (Germany), Soprano – Hilla Bagio, Contra Tenor – Alon Harari, Conductors – Guy Braunstein, Uri Segal, Guitarist – Liat Cohen, Pianist – Gila Goldstein, Dunnel String Quartet (Belgium) His music was performed at the Israel Festival, Upper Galilee Chamber Music Festival, "Sounds in the Desert" Festival, Bordeaux Music Festival, in Reutlingen – Germany, various Chamber Music Festivals in France and Spain, in the U.S.A (Piano Festival at Tanglewood and the Taubman Piano Festival at Mont-Clair University, New Jersey).


Original Music by Boaz Ben Moshe

Camera: Haim Barbalat, Yonat Friling, Smadar Dror, Avi Elbaz

Recording: Tzvika Hirshler

Mix: avi Elbaz

Audio and video editor: Ofer Shelley

Directed by: Ofer Shelley, Boaz Ben Moshe

Performed by the Atar Trio: Ofer Shelley piano, Anton Andreev Cello, Tanya Beltser violin

SOUL MATTERS Music video project is dedicated to the memory of Johnathan Debel,(1969-2023) who loved music photography and art

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